Falcon Box
Next Generation Multi Brand Tool
Qualcomm v4.1

MORE THEN 250+ Models added (More then More)
[X] Release Note Miracle Falcon Qualcomm v4.1
[+] Huawei Update.app Package to Raw Xml
[+] Ability to Analyse Gpt Partition Manually
[+] Support for Newer Update.app Extraction
[+] Asus Screen Locks Disable / Enable
[+] Lenovo Screen Locks Disable / Enable
[+] Coolpad Screen Locks Disable / Enable
[+] Encrypted / Non Encrypted Supported
[+] Huawei Lock Status Check while Flash
[+] 6 Different Methods to Disable/Enable Encrypted Locks
[+] Direct Patch Screenlocks in Fw Package
[+] Improved Qualcomm Forensic in Edl
[+] Read info / Unlock
[+] Remove Frp / Factory Reset
[+] Read Write Qcn
[+] Read Write Reset Efs
[+] Enable Diag
[+] Read Write Erase Fw
[+] Remove Screenlocks with Data Loss
[+] Imei Repair
[+] Read Contacts/Sms/Call Logs

Miracle Falcon New Generation Mobile Repairing Tool

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