Infinity Chinese Miracle II SCR/SPD-RDA v1.04: New models and features

Supported CPU list:
Spreadtrum : SC6530, SC6531, SC6531(A/C/D)
UniSoc : SC6531E, SC6533, SC6533G
RDA Mirco : RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro : RDA8826

RDA Mirco RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro RDA8826
Spreadtrum SC6533/G :
Flashing protocol updated
BOOTROM mode support revised
Updated LOD tools ( flashing / customizing )
Repair security revised (
-> FAC area rebuild
-> 3rd item repair activated
UserCode reading activated

Spreadtrum SC6530/6531/A/C/D/E:
Revised Repair security feature
Flashing revised
-> Secure/Signed lines flashing rebuild
-> Masterimage build revised
-> Whole flash erase fixed for NOR devices
Internal loaders updated
Database revised, loaders re-marked

Spreadtrum other:
Protocol updated, stuck issues during wrong boot selection fixed
Improved Flashing procedure for SC7701/SC7702 devices
Flashing customization module revised
InternalDB/ExternalLoader detetection/selection revised

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