Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.05 - New models and features

Base - Secure boot - ARB verification revised for some secure configs and chips

FWFlasher - Flash core updated
FWFlasher - SecureFlash on Legacy phones revised ( SECCFG options and other issues fixed )
FWFlasher - MT6753/MT6752 flashing revised

FWReader - More accurate type detection on LEGACY lines
FWReader - More types supported for safe read
FWReader - Info reading improved

Service - "SimLock Reset" option activated - used to rollback all LockSettings to default
Service - Format FS revised
Service - Repair BB revised
Service - NVRAM module updated

Platform - MT6771 support optimized
Platform - MT6753 support optimized
Platform - MT8127 support optimized

LoaderDB - Lot of new agents included (Alcatel, Moto, Lava and others)

Other - Many different small changes and fixes
Other - Some kind of GUI changes for better user expirience
Other - ErrorHandling updated - more detailed hints/explanation of troubles during service process
Other - EMI Module updated
Other - Preloader tools, Preloader init and other related stuff updated
Other - Scatter handling optimized for some vendor-specific stuff
Other - Automatic backup revised (manual tuneup fix)
Other - Partial LEGACY NAND support (complete boot/verify) - Identify option works now on some devices

Info: Alcatel support for NEW line devices restricted by PRELOADER level ONLY! Some partitions are PROTECTED! BROM mode not supported for now ( due remote SLA )
Info: LEGACY secure flashing now pass at any base settings but IN SOME RARE CASES (like Huawei and similar) it may lead to BaseBand and other problems.
Solution - REFLASH using CORRECT DA!
Info: ARB nowdays appearing on more devices, make sure about you FLASH SAME version. (Identify ARB LOG and SW load LOG ) Not upgrade to newer ones, if need make some extend service etc. !

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