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Software version: 20.06.1028
Release date: 28. Jan. 2019

What's new?

LG Repair IMEI has now multiple selectable methods, just like LG Remove FRP lock:
"Safe IMEI repair" method: Fast and completely safe way to repair imei through modem port. Will not work on most phones, but its recommended to try this first.
"Legacy IMEI repair" method: The old method, that typically worked for older phones. Permanently modifies the EFS.
New method -> "EFS Clear IMEI repair": MORE INFO ABOUT THE FUNCTION >>> HERE <<<

All LG EFS clear operation has been improved:

"EFS Clear Unlock" procedure and the new "EFS Clear IMEI repair" method now takes longer to run, but creates a more complete calibration backup to improve results.
"EFS Clear Unlock" does not require a modem port anymore! No more "Failed to find LG modem port" errors if you have driver problems or the phone does not create the proper ports!