Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.7.7 Release Notes:
🐙 Added Factory Unlock (via server) for Sprint Galaxy Note 9.
🐙 Added Factory Unlock (via server) for AT&T Galaxy Note 9 (requesting to enter unlock code for unlocking when insert unsupported SIM card).

🐙 Added "Read Codes" (via server) for SM-J327A.
🐙 Improved "Read Codes" operation (added support for the latest security type) for SM-J400F, SM-J400G, SM-J400GD, SM-J400M.

To unlock Sprint Galaxy Note 9 it is necessary to perform the following steps:
Download and write into the phone proper binary Combination Modem firmware from the Support Area ("SAMSUNG/COMBINATION" folder) or write Modem part from proper Combination firmware.
Perform Factory data reset.
Perform "Unlock"->"Sprint Unlock" operation.

To unlock AT&T Galaxy Note 9 (requesting to enter unlock code), just connect the device and perform "Unlock"->"AT&T Factory Unlock" operation:

🐙 Many new Samsung Combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area.
🐙 All supported operations described in details in the manual ("Cable & Manual" button in the software).

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