The features of
H Mall New Capital
One of the distinctive things that you should know about H Mall New Administrative Capital is that it primarily works on your comfort and increases your ability to manage your project better, and also creates many important opportunities that increase your project's competitiveness.

In the following, we provide you with an overview of the advantages of tH Mall New Administrative Capital:

A large roof at the top of the mall has places to rest, which works to have a good time in the open air and enjoy the wonderful view that surrounds you from all sides in H New Administrative Capital.
Also, choosing the location of H Mall in the heart of Downtown is of great importance, which certainly adds an advantage to the mall.
Large green spaces in the place give stunning views of the units in it.
The developer company has also taken care that H Mall New Capital has a construction percentage of only 30%, and the rest of the space is for landscaping, as well as the many facilities in the place.
The project also has distinctive glass facades that increase the beauty of the view that you will look forward to daily in H New Capital.
New Event Development has provided a number of payment systems that suit many customers, as well as special prices.
There is also a system that enables the customer to rent his unit after 3 months of receipt, in return for a percentage of the rent for the developing company inside H Tower New Administrative Capital.
H Mall New Administrative Capital services
In New Capital, there are many services provided by the state to attract new and different investments in the city, and the integration of this idea with New Event Development, the developer of H Mall New Administrative Capital, because it has put in it many important services that have become helpful to customers in managing their projects differently.

There are many distinctive facilities in the mall that will increase the distinction of the place and provide many important opportunities, and here are the important services explained by the company that developed H Project:

In Mall H, there are a number of rooms equipped for holding seminars and major meetings, and they are equipped with all the needs of the client.
Many places equipped to receive visitors and answer their questions in H Tower New Capital.
The mall was fully secured and a security system was provided to provide safety and security for customers and visitors in the project.
Many surveillance cameras work around the clock, as well as guards deployed in the entire place inside H Tower.
The mall includes an area dedicated to restaurants and cafes with international brands, which allows you to provide distinguished services.
In addition, there are many electric elevators and also a number of stairs that work automatically in order to facilitate movement in the place.
There is also an entertainment area on a large space in the mall so that you can enjoy a special tour of the place without worrying about your children because the place is fully secured in H Tower New Capital.
The spread of display screens in the place makes it easier for visitors to reach their destination.
Cleaning systems and special maintenance teams that will keep the project in its first condition on an ongoing basis inside H New Capital.
From us, there are many generators, money exchange machines, and other things that make it easier for the visitor to be in H Tower.
A garage on a large space with more than one parking space and is secured by a modern security system.