Website file types:
Each section of the site contains other sections, which are a variety of files linked to each other, so that we can see at the end the site in its final form, and these files are:

Files for page elements and their distribution within the page, often in HTML.

Files that specialize in the look and design of these elements and are CSS files.
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JavaScript files that are intended to primarily guide page behavior.

Programming files for website behavior in its entirety, dealing with data and algorithms, which are PHP or files in general.

External libraries are interested in supporting the internal operations of this site, as well as providing facilities for large tasks, whether they are design tasks, or various programming tasks, including: Bootstrap - JQuery - Ajax.

Of course, what we mentioned is the traditional types of files, while sites that use modern technologies or frameworks platforms may contain many other types, and the internal structure of the site may be different depending on the technologies used, but we presented the traditional form of website files.

Types of websites:
There are many websites on the Internet and they can be divided into one of the following types of categories, it is possible that the site is a search engine, an e-mail site, a blog, or a forum, and it is possible that one falls under multiple categories.
Below we will mention the most important categories and types of websites:

It is a website on the Internet, and it is usually created by one individual with the aim of preserving things of interest to him, or with the aim of displaying articles, and it can also be created by an institution in order to share ideas and information about the areas that these institutions specialize in.

Website for businesses and businesses:
A commercial website or company website is created; To provide information about the company or organization, and to reach clients, partners and potential clients.

Social Media:
The main goal of social networking sites is to enter visitors and interact within the site by chatting, writing what comes to their mind, and receiving likes and comments on what they write, and most of its services are free, and the most famous example of social networking sites is Facebook.

Search Engine Sites:
Search engine sites are the main destination for anyone who wants to access a certain thing on the Internet, such as accessing a specific site or service, or asking for different information in order to find out information on many topics, and one of the most popular search engines sites is Google.

E-Marketing websites:
They are sites created for the purpose of selling a specific good or service over the Internet, so that both and are among the most popular e-commerce sites in the world.

Auction locations:
The auction site differs in form and detail from the e-commerce site, where the auction site allows users to display their goods on the site, and make an auction for the item in exchange for this site to take a commission from the sale percentage, and is one of the most popular auction sites on the Internet.

Government websites:
They are sites established by governments to provide services to citizens, and to inform citizens of all that is new within the state, and are used to promote tourism to tourist attractions within the state; To introduce tourists to it.

Games sites:
It is a website created specifically for video games, and users can play their favorite games on the Internet, without the need to download the game to their phones or computers, and these games are often built online using languages ​​such as HTML, Flash or Java.
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Media sharing sites:
It is a site dedicated to placing visual and audio media and images on it, and sharing them by users, YouTube is the most famous site for sharing visual media, Sound Cloud is the most famous site for sharing audio media, and Flicker is the most famous site for sharing photos.

Email sites:
It is a website on the web that enables the user to send and receive e-mail messages on it without the need for software, and e-mail sites are the most used and most famous by both regular users and medium companies, and the most famous of these sites are: Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

News sites:
It is a website whose content is launched by the editorial team of the site, and users can follow the latest news, breaking news as soon as it is published by the editorial team, and there are news sites that specialize in one type of news such as economic news, and there are news sites that publish various news, such as Sports, political, financial, economic and other news

Malicious sites:
It is any website created for the purpose of infecting another computer or phone, or collecting personal data of users, or it was created for the purpose of spreading malware, spyware, or viruses such as the Trojan horse virus, and these sites download malware on the target device, It steals user profiles that they use to log on to the Internet.

There are also malicious sites called phishing sites, and these sites are designed in the form of official sites, for example a site is created in the same shape as the site of the bank that deals with the user, in order to steal his financial data.
And there is another type of malicious sites which are fake news sites, which are created with the purpose of spreading false news and helping to spread fear and lies among citizens.